Cancer Vaccine Saves Life, Motivates Woman to Give Back

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A University of Pennsylvania doctor is helping cancer patients with a revolutionary vaccine that he says has already cured a number of people. Among the patients Dr. Brian Czerniecki has helped, one stands out for her compelling story and desire to give back to those still fighting the disease. Karen Berner of Yardley, PA was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. So Berner took action, enrolling in a free trial at the UPenn facility that administered a special vaccine to attack her cancerous cells. The life-saving treatment was actually made up of her own white blood cells. After getting two shots a week for four weeks, Karen was in remission.

Grateful and indebted to the people who helped her, Berner joined the organization Pennies in Action to help raise funds so doctors can make more of the vital vaccine. Uschi Keszler founded the non-profit and she’s battled cancer twice in her life.  Uschi is on the waiting for the vaccine and she believes with more funding this vaccine can help to save more lives. Take a look to hear more of Karen and Uschi’s compelling story.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3

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