Comcast Internet Essentials: Bridging the Digital Gap

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More than a million Americans are reaping the benefits of Comcast Internet Essentials, a national broadband program offering Internet service at a low cost for low income families.  For many people, bridging the digital gap can be the key to their personal and professional success.

Eighth grader Caroline Trinidad can attest to this — using her “Internet Essentials” membership to do her math homework, her whole family (originally from the Dominican Republic) uses their Internet access to learn English.  Additionally, Trinidad now has the ability to work on class projects and her family can keep in touch with loved ones back home.

“If they don’t have that computer in the home, they start out behind and they never catch up,” Charisse Lilley, vice president of community development for Comcast Corp., said. “Comcast wants to make sure our families are on the right side of that digital divide.”

PHL17’s Zachery Lashway has more on how Trinidad benefits from “Internet Essentials”.