Chef Tony’s Unbelievable Baking Secrets

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Beloved chef and TV personality Tony Notaro is back on Eye Opener to share his secrets for making the perfect pancakes, muffins and pies. But these are tips you can extend to all your baking needs, and things you might not ordinarily think of.

You ever wonder how restaurants *always* seem to get their pancakes to be perfectly fluffy and brown? Tony says the secret is two things: 1) use sour cream or buttermilk to thicken the batter and 2) trap the air inside the pancake by flipping before the center bubbles have popped! Tony knows this tip goes against everything you know about pancake making, but trust him, it works! Once both sides are cooked, you can flip back to that first side to fully brown before serving.

Take a look to see more of Tony’s tips on baking pies and the perfect, spill-over the pan muffins, and you’ll be a expert baker in no time!