Ashley’s Weight Loss Challenge At South Jersey Health And Body

If you think what you eat only affects your weight, well think twice.  I found out at South Jersey Health And Body that food affects our lives in so many ways from how much energy we have to how well we sleep.  And since I often found myself tired and also hoping to have my clothes fit better, I figured it would be great to work with Danny Benenfeld who is a nutrition and health expert.  He gave me an assessment and then figured out that a five week weight loss program is just what I need.

Dr. Melissa Benenfeld mapped out my nutrition plan.  It’s extremely thorough but to sum it up I won’t be eating sugar and processed foods.  Instead I will be loading up on vegetables and fish.  Also she gave me a delicious vanilla shake as a meal supplement and part of the program includes two detoxes.

But my favorite part is the health spa element.  I get to hop on a machine that shakes of fat and cellulite, detox in an infrared sauna and get a body wrap which helps take out any impurities from my body.

Thanks to Danny and Dr. Melissa I’m on my way to looking good and feeling better.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3

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