DIY Hip Chicks-New Home? New Locks

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From camping in your back yard to storing your extension cords without hassle, this morning’s DIY tips might just make some of your everyday tasks much easier!  Our favorite DIY HIP Chick, Beth Allen, shared some totally tubular tricks for changing the locks on your door when a new home is purchased…

* As a home owner, you can opt for a lock that has a key entry from the inside which is preferred for higher security levels or a turn lock, preferred for easier to exit in an emergency.

* To change a deadbolt, you need a new lock set of your choice and a drill with a screwdriver attachment. Remove the screws from the plate that is holding the lock in the door, set aside the old lock.

*Check to see that your new plate fits flush inside the door frame, if it does not you will have to cut out some of the wood. Once it fits flush, secure it with a screwdriver and screws. Take the front exterior part of  the lock and align it up making sure that the center stem aligns up in the center hole . Take the rear part of the lock, and align it up so all three parts interlock as one.  Finally secure the front and back part of the lock with the long screws included.

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