Trade in Luxury Items at “Cash In My Bag”

Ladies, you’ve heard of “Cash for Gold,” but have you ever wanted to cash out on your old luxury items? In a twist on the typical consignment shop, website and Narberth, PA retail outlet Cash in My Bag lets you do this. Just visit the website for a quote or trade in your items in store, and you’ll be generously rewarded.

“If you came in with 20 handbags and we need to cut a check for $20 thousand, we’re gonna do it,” founder Michael Zakroff says.

Handbags, shoes, coats – anything “luxury” – can be turned in for cash on the spot. So what are you waiting for? Or maybe you’re more in the mood to shop. In that case, be sure to patronize Cash in My Bag for great discounts on designer items, with handbags being marked down from $2,500 to $600. Not too shabby. Take a look!

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By Ashley Johnson   @AshleyNJohnson3


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  • rena farley

    I have coach only see one like it and i know its worth something. Im ready to cash it in and see what i can get. It use to be worth 2000$. What do i need to do?

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