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Stress Free Holiday Travel with The Travel Mom

We’re halfway through the second week in December, which means the kids are just about getting out of school for winter break. And for many families, this means gearing up for a holiday vacation. I’m in the break room chatting with the Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, to find out how to make holiday travel a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

A major hurdle holiday travelers face is bad weather, but Kaufman says an easy way to not get stranded at the airport is to make technology your ally. Download the app for the airline you’ll be using. Use it the day of your flight to check your plane’s status and even contact the airline directly if you run into trouble. This saves you from those huge customer service lines full of people making alternative travel arrangements.

Travel is all about the perks, says Kaufman. The American Express platinum card for example offers cardholders access to 600+ airport lounges around the world with amenities like free food, business centers, and childcare facilities. Take a look for all the Travel Mom’s tips!


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