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Selena Gomez’s Dream Job–And it’s NOT Singing!

On this Music Beat, Eye Opener’s Mike Adams catches up with pop star, Selena Gomez.  Gomez tells Mike Adams the career she would have chosen if she didn’t become an actress—you’ll never see this one coming!

Making her debut as an actress on the silver screen in shows such as Barney and Friends and various Disney Channel series, audiences have watched Selena Gomez grow into the hit singer/actress that she is today.  After making her mark on the silver screen, Selena began to appear in hit Hollywood films and focus more on her singing career, releasing hit studio albums such as, ‘When the Sun Goes Down.’

After releasing her most successful album and having two singles reach the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, “Love you Like a Love Song” and “Come and Get it”, Selena Gomez soon became even more of a star than she was before among young teens.  Selena Gomez is currently on tour where she is selling out stadiums all over the country.

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