PHOTOS: Phillies Alumni Day from Citizens Bank Park

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Citizens Bank Park came alive like a shoe-box full of vintage Topps cardboard as eight decades of Phillies history were represented at Citizens Bank Park for Phillies Alumni Day.  More than 50 Phillies Alumni Players from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. 00, and 10s took fans on a trip back in time in an  on-field tribute as part of the Phillies Alumni Weekend festivities.   Phillies alum also took to the concourse to give fans a chance to bump into a player from yesteryear.  The 1983 and 1993 National East Champion teams were well represented as were the Phillies Wall of Famers.  The biggest reaction from the crowd was for Phillies Alum Darren “Dutch” Daulton who is battling brain cancer.


PLAYERS who started their Phillies careers in the 1940’s

Bob Miller, pitcher (1949-1958)

Curt Simmons, pitcher (1947–50; 1952-67)

Don Hasenmayer, infielder (1945–46)


Wall of Famers

Jim Bunning, pitcher (1964-67; 1970-71)

Dallas Green, pitcher (1960-64, 1967); Manager (1979-1981)

Dick Allen, first baseman (1963-69; 1975-76) from Wampum, Pa.

Bob Boone, catcher (1972-81)

Mike Lieberthal, catcher (1994-2006)

Greg Luzinski, outfielder (1970-80)

Tony Taylor, second baseman (1960-71; 1974-76; 1977-79; 1988-89)

Other Alumni

Howie Bedell, outfielder (1968), native of Pottstown, Pa.

John Briggs, outfielder (1964-71) from Paterson, NJ

Don Carman, pitcher (1983-90)

Doug Clemens, outfielder (1966-68)

Bob Conley, pitcher (1958) from Whiting, NJ

Gene Garber, pitcher (1974-78)

Mark Leiter, pitcher (1997-98), resides in Toms River, NJ

Brad Lidge, pitcher (2008-2011)

Al Neiger, pitcher (1960) from Wilmington, De.

Dickie Noles, pitcher (1979-81; 1990)

Mike Rogodzinski, outfielder (1973-75) from Laurel Springs, NJ

Fred Wenz, pitcher (1970)

1983 Phillies

Marty Bystrom, pitcher (1980-84)

Larry Christenson, pitcher (1973-83)

Juan Samuel, second baseman (1983–1989); coach (2011-present)

Gary Matthews, outfielder (1981-83)

Steve Carlton, pitcher (1972-86)

Mike Schmidt, third baseman (1972-89)

1993 Phillies

Bill Giles, president (1982–1997)

Lee Thomas, general manager (1988-1997)

Jim Fregosi, manager, (1991-1996)

Larry Bowa, shortstop (1970-81), coach (1989-96), manager (2001-04)

Todd Pratt, catcher (1992-94)

Mariano Duncan, utility player (1992-95)

Ricky Jordan, first baseman (1988-94)

Mickey Morandini, second baseman (1990-97)

Kevin Stocker, shortstop (1993-97)

Wes Chamberlain, outfielder (1990-94)

Tony Longmire, outfielder (1993-95)

Ruben Amaro Jr., outfielder (1992-93; 1996-98); general manager (2009-present)

Milt Thompson, outfielder (1986-88; 1993-94); coach (2003-10)

Jim Eisenreich, outfielder (1993-96)

Roger Mason, pitcher (1993-94)

Ben Rivera, pitcher (1992-94)

David West, pitcher (1993-96)

Tommy Greene, pitcher (1990-95)

Danny Jackson, pitcher (1993-04)

John Kruk, first baseman (1989-94)

Darren Daulton, catcher (1983; 1985-97)


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