Philadelphia Therapist Tonya Ladipo

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In order to know how to fix your friendship you must first know the two main causes for the friendship split! Either you were hurt or you simply “grew apart”.  I have some tips to keep your friendship out of the “bestie graveyard”!

First, simply talking can fix everything.  You are supposed to be able to tell a friend everything, right?  So, why not tell them when they’ve hurt you?  According to Philadelphia Therapist Tonya Ladipo, you should express your feelings and think of ways to move past the hurt.

For those friends who grew apart, Ladipo says work on ways to renew your friendship by expressing how you feel!

We’ve all heard of toxic friendships, but you might be wondering how to avoid these.  Ladipo says you’ll know when to let it go if you constantly hit the same wall and you do not value the same things!

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