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Drexel University Hosts Gun Simulation to be Prepared in Case of the Worst

This year our country has been rocked with horrific mass shooting at schools, universities and movie theaters. Last week I visited Drexel University which recently conducted a simulation of a shooting on campus. This event was not real, but it was set-up in a way that would allow students and law enforcement to visualize a shooting, and become better prepared if such an event should occur on their campus.  Drexel Police Chief Ed Spangler says this exercise was particularly timely given the mass shooting at Santa Monica College, which took the lives of five people in the library.  Screams and gunshots could be heard as the participants went through with the simulation. The images shown in this video are not real, but the video could be difficult to watch for some. Drexel University’s police team, several law enforcement agencies, and student actors teamed up to bring this scenario to life. With a student population of over 30,000 the number one priority of the campus is to keep its students safe.

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By: Ashley Johnshon @AshleyNJohnson3



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