Training Bomb Detection Dogs at The Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Today on Eye Opener I got a chance to share my story on Socks, a fun-loving ten-month-old lab who is in training at The Penn Vet Working Dog Center to become a bomb detection dog.

It was amazing to see Socks in action!

I found out what it takes to train this pup who could one day sniff out a real bomb and participate in search and rescue missions. In a crisis situation these amazing dogs can help to save lives.

I talked to trainers at the center to get the inside scoop on training these unbelievable four-legged friends.

Check this out – they have twelve wonderful dogs that are being trained for scent detection.  Breeders from all over the country seek out the program to try to get their puppies into the program. They fill out breeder forms and undergo a background check.

One of the tasks for Socks was to find her toy. When she finds it she gives a sit indication. In the future, Socks will be imprinted with the odor of explosives and she will eventually think her toys smell like objects she’s looking for.

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