Eye Opener

Pet Corner – Eye Exam

In our Pet Corner sponsored by PetArmor this morning we learned that just like humans our four-legged friends need regular eye exams too.  Mathew J. Ryan and other ophthalmologists at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian school are set to perform free eye exams for service animals from Monday May 20- Friday May 24. A service animal is either a dog or horse that helps a human through a certified program. In these appointments, pooches get a full eye exam, complete with an examination of the front and back of the eye. Seeing-eye dogs actually depend on their vision more than other dogs so it is extremely important that those dogs receive this free service. A regular appointment for a seeing-eye dog is usually a year apart from one another . So if you have a seeing-eye pooch who is due for a check up, take this wonderful and free offer up.

For more information, visit www.pennvet.edu

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