Mummers: Behind the Sequins – Costumes

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The Mummers Parade sets itself apart from all other parades, not only because of the Philadelphia history in this century-long tradition, but because of the flamboyant presentation and meticulous detail put in to costume design. Dave Mocinski, a local costume builder, remembers the days when sequins were only found along the trim of the costumes. Costumes in recent parades are covered in sequins, display bright colored feathers, and are made of exotic fabrics like satin and mylar, as opposed to the cotton and wool of earlier years. Russ Fama, a costume designer, explains that being a Mummer is a freeing experience and a chance to break from the mundane of day-to-day life. Which explains why so many Philadelphians love putting on their sequins and starting the year off right.