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Scott Shuffit, “Founding Dude,” stands outside the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia and has a conversation with eager Lebowski Fest goers that he has had, literally, thousands of times.  It’s the first time they have met him and the first time they have been to a Lebowski Fest.  They’ve waited for a moment with the Lebowski Fest organizer and founder, just to say thank you and quote a few lines from the film.   Their praise of the fest and the film are genuine and so is Shuffit’s exchange back to them- even though it’s a conversation he’s had countless times over.  Because at Lebowski Fest, all things Lebowkski, never get old.  For first timers and fortieth timers alike, every quote and quip is met with the same enthusiasm and reverence.
Lebowski photos below.
A woman from Delaware is dressed like a throw rug.  (Movie fans know the significance!)  In a sea of Walters, Dudes and Maudes- it’s one of the more obscure costumes at the Philadelphia 2012 Lebowski Fest.  She waits patiently for me to take a photo of her to include with this story.  After the photo we talk about the film and exchange smiles for the photo, but her biggest smile comes when multiple passerbys in the crowd tell her “she pulls the whole room together.”  (The quintessential line from the film that her costume is based on.)  And every time she smiles a smile as if she’s genuinely never heard it before, because at Lebowski Fest, all things Lebowkski, never get old.
Lebowski video below.
All in all, Lebowski Fest Philly 2012 was not the most costumed event in the Lebowski Fest history of Philadelphia .  (See 2009, 2010, 2011).  The new venue at the TLA seemed to make it much more  about the film and those fan to fan exchanges true fans hold dear.  But what this fest lacked in costume it made up for in white Russians, “Dude” camaraderie and a real celebration of not just the movie, but the spirit of the film.  The Philly Lebowski fest “abided” in a way only a Lebowski Fest can.

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By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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